01 Read First: Robotic Me


Key to Me, Myself, and I

Key to Me, Myself, and I

This is a WEB SITE about the inner experiences, problems, and issues we all may have in different situations us or all of us to survive in the world. We were meant to live in Nature under Natures rules. But we invented cities, states, nations, and different cultures or sets of expectations and rules. This confused us all. How do we untangle it all and get back to the basics?

In a way we people are Robots. I call the body ‘MYSELF,’ the mind I call ‘Me,” there are four main components, or widgets, of the mind (1) perceptual senses, (2) emotion (fear or love), a (3) thinking, and (4) patience and energy. The widgets work in the order I gave them. First we see, then fear or want, then plan, and finally act. When the widgets work together they make an efficient machine. But the parts do not always work well nor work well together. In order to get the parts to work better and to work together ‘I’ was invented, ‘consciousness.’ The job of ‘I’ is to tinker with the widgets and keep them balanced so that ‘MYSELF’ is an efficient Robot capable of completing missions. That takes a lot of hard work. ‘I’ and widgets are called the Upper Nature.

But my maker also included four more ‘Me’ widgets, similar to the four above, to protect ‘Myself’, but if these four act without danger they can be evil. They are (5) Deception, (6) Greed, (7) Blame, and (8) Aggression. To help them work together Dragon was created. You could say Dragon is part of ‘I,’ an alter ego. Dragon and survival widgets are called the the Survival mode, or Lower Nature. They are not very advanced and need the help of the Upper Nature to act correctly.

So ‘I’ has to keep control of the four good widgets, to help control the four evil widgets, to keep control of Dragon, so ‘Myself’ acts in healthy ways and protects other Robots in the Robot family. In real danger ‘I’ may need Dragon and the evil widgets for survival purposes.

To get ‘Myself’ to complete survival tasks can be quite a job because each widget changes from one ‘SITUATION’ to another. And then ‘I’ has to recalculate as to how to tinker with them all to get the balance back. And if a Robot needs to sacrifice ‘itself’ for the family, well, ‘I’ may have to totally override ‘Dragon.’


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